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If the woodcarver is dextrous at handling paintbrush on wooden model or canvas, he/she will not lose his/her way even if you would put just a simple pencil and piece of paper to his/her hands. For that matter, it is not as difficult to draw as to paint. The colour cannot drip down where it is not suitable, it cannot happen that there would be too much of colour somewhere or that colours will mix together in the way an artist definitely did not imagine. It is also great advantage for woodcarver if he first draws, sketches a visual aspect of model he/she wants to create through carving. It can greatly alleviate his/her work.

What is a person who feels like present himself through drawing, going to take? If we assume that simple pencil will not be enough for him/her, he/she will get some easily accessible and cheap coloured pencils from a drugstore. If he/she would like something more striking, he/she gets crayons.

Drawing is not only made on paper, it can be anything – plastic, metal, textile, glass.. but with the need to use other suitable drawing tools. Pencils or crayons – yes but they have to be waxy or “greasy”. Or there is possibly something else at hand, less traditional, like coal, chalks or rudders. Artist is not limited to properly choose.

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