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Welcome to the page of Miroslav Mlkvík, the art-woodcarver


The man with artistic endowments who engages in a profession as difficult as woodcarving, is often closely connected to other forms of art where he/she transforms the idea to a form others can see. If the master concludes that the wood he has worked does not look naturally as good as he/she would like, he can grab a paintbrush and paint it over by suitable colours. And this probably is not far from classical painting.

In painting there are various options for showing oneself. It can be painting with colours of various kind, drawing or composition. Many sheets of paper could be covered with writing about various styles of painting. The painting may portray scenery, human stationary or in motion, it can be almost like a photograph, but it can be also abstract. It can express, tell or symbolize something. And as well as an artist can paint on wood or canvas, he/she can show his/her abilities on example on glass.

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