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Welcome to the page of Miroslav Mlkvík, the art-woodcarver

About me

O mne Name and Surname:  Miroslav Mlkvik
Date of Birth:  13.02 1986
Address:  Vitanová 360
                   02712 Liesek


Education: Secondary Vocational School Nižná – Arts and Crafts Woodworking, with graduation.
Duration of Studies: from 2002 to 2006


Individual Hobbies :  • Carving
                                  • Painting
                                  • Photography
                                  • Walking in nature

My Life

I started to draw yet as a small boy..
Later i attended graphic arts group in trstená, where I even tried painting and modeling clay. In the 9th year of Elementary school in Vitanová I have enrolled to Secondary school in Nižná – the specialization was Arts and Crafts Woodworking, but the class was not opened due to lack of applicants. So I chose silvicultural vocational school. After a year Neskôr som navštevoval výtvarný krúžok v Trstenej, kde som po troške skúšal aj maľovanie a modelovanie z hliny. V deviatom ročníku základnej školy vo Vitanovej som sa prihlásil na strednú školu v Nižnej - odbor Umelecko remeselné spracovanie dreva, ale pre nedostatok uchádzačov ročník neotvorili. Tak som išiel na lesnícke učilište. After a year Nižná school addressed me and asked whether I would like to move up to art carver specialization. So in the end I moved to Nižná. I have seen and held carving chisels and tools for the first time on aptitude tests for the specialization. After few days attending the school the skilled training instructors applied themselved in me and helped me improve in this kind of work. So I learned to carve and to have strong relationship to art...

After finishing studies I still stayed loyal to this craft but because of money shortage I had to find other job and I pursued woodcarving only in evening hours and on weekends.

At present I try to break through again with the craft. Besides craft I do painting, drawing and modeling.

Contact me via:

Mobil:  0902 369 117
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