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Master woodcarver is as much a craftsman as an artist. To express his thoughts and ideas on wood he has to have a grasp of various craft techniques and precisely handle carving tools.

Chip carving can be made by various hand and electric tools. Classic chisels or gouges, hatchets, (chip) carving knives and electric Instruments like grinders with attachments. Such woodcarving work creates rough shaped surface.

Relief carving can be depicted like creating a picture from a piece of wood. It is working of wood in such way that the resulting relief is like „ascending“ from the wood. Chisels are excellent for this work. They do not need to be of top quality, the skill of woodcarver is more important. So, talented beginners can create nice works of art without need to spend a lot of money for new tools.

For creation of bigger size it would be torture to rely just on common hand tools. The great aid of any woodcarver is a chain saw, however there is the need to handle it carefully, otherwise there is a risk of serious injury. You can find chain saw designated specially for woodcarvers.

Many woodcarvers have their favourite wood. Numerous of them have linden wood as their favourite, because it can be worked so well and easily. But with a bit of experience it is possible to work with any wood and enjoy utilising its features. Just an example – black walnut wood: it is heavier and so somewhat denser than, for instance, linden wood, but it is great to work with it.

The best way to carve? Well, it is hard to say that this way it will go better and this way it will not go at all. Woodcarving is like a personality of a man, the woodcarver first needs to find his/her own path, own style – and do it by himself or herself, because to imitate work of someone else is a considerable burden for body and for soul. The motto of good woodcarver is – do what you love and love what you do – because the art of woodcarving is about how a person can transfer a part of him/herself to the creation and allow the world to admire finished creation.

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