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Welcome to the page of Miroslav Mlkvík, the art-woodcarver


Under my services I offer woodcarving, paintings and drawings. I create according to commission after individual consultation with a client or by my own fancy.

I carve miniature to superhuman proportions. I endeavour to depict my works as accurate to the original as possible. I do not strive to carve my piece of work only the way it needs to be capable of sale, I try to do it the way for my talents to blossom with every work that comes from under my chisels. I try to followand achieve my goals. With my work and talent I want to get to the forefront of art-sculptor and painter society one day. I put a piece of myself, my artistic creation and life into every creation of mine. Therefore every creation I produce is of much bigger value for me than just financial.


Concerning painting, I work with oil painting on canvas. These colours suit me the most because they dry out very slowly, the work with them goes very well and such colour shades from one hue into another. I also engage portrait drawing from photographs or pictures. I draw on hard paper using pencil or charcoal. On the finished picture I apply special varnish paint to avoid blurring.

Nowadays I start to devote myself also to stone carving and metal engraving. These are just slight outsets. As yet, i do not add these techniques to my services until I advance to a certain technical quality. In case of interest in my services and works concerning extra large sizes I am even willing to come and work on a creation on a particular place. There is also possiblility to travel abroad.

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Mobil:  0902 369 117
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